Spindle [spin-dl] a device to spin fibers into threads
Canister [kan-uh-ster] a small box or jar

Spindle & Canister is a Malibu based company established with the goal to create classic clothing for a relaxed and luxurious lifestyle. The collection is available at our Malibu flagship store along side other young contemporary brands from various parts of the world that complement the Spindle & Canister ethos. In addition to style, the production process exhibits great precision with a focus on the fabric, fit and subtle details such as our hand painted canister zipper pulls and treated wooden buttons. To stay true to our vision of producing the best quality clothing, all fabrics or yarns used are obtained from the best mills in Italy and Japan; and then manufactured in downtown Los Angeles to provide jobs locally as part of our company's social mission. Our hand made cashmere sweaters have proved quite popular and continue to garner great reviews amongst our customers and industry giants. Since the stores inception in 2010, our collection now includes woven's and continues to expand and push the frontiers every season. Spindle & Canister is the brand you seek for comfort after a long hard week; helping you channel a relaxed lifestyle.